Crazy Hotel



During the golden era of Toonville, Fleish the Fox is the star of all the shorts recorded in this black and white cartoon world. His arch-nemesis, Mr. Mallow, always tries to ruin his adventures by capturing his girlfriend Cherry, but despite his evil machinations, Fleish continuously manages to get his happy ending with her. But things are going to take an unexpected turn…

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel is a game set in the 30s, the sunset of the black and white era. The visual elements, the sound and especially the gameplay itself, will make the player feel like being another toon. But before we delve into “Crazy Hotel”, let us check in at the reception to explain the features of the game:

  • Hybrid between graphic adventure and action adventure in perfect balance with different environmental puzzles.
  • Single-player adventure in black & white 2D visuals, adopting an isometric view.
  • story with a fun and rich dialogue system, multiple characters and objects with which you’ll have to interact to achieve your goals, and use incredible skills typical of cartoons.
  • Developed with the Unity engine for PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Initially, the game will be available in English and Spanish.



Several elements of known past games have inspired us in the development of “Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel”.

This is the recipe followed by the chefs from “Crazy Hotel”:

Combining the isometric view of Little Big Adventure with the puzzle’s style of Zelda .

We mix it with the humor, the dialogue selection system and the type of interaction with characters and objects of graphic adventures like Monkey IslandDay of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango.

Those dialogues are presented through a visual touch akin to Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright.


Being a toon is not as easy as people “paint it”.

Throughout the story, the player will have to tie up the information obtained on the world, its objects and characters. He must find the right combination of items and abilities to use depending on the situations that arise. You won’t only be transported to this cartoon universe, but you will also have to act and think like a toon in order to progress in the game.

This is what the room service has prepared for your stay in our title:

  • Black and white game, with the characteristic style of the animated shorts of the 30′s.
  • Ingenious environmental puzzles that you’ll have to solve using different objectsskills of the cartoons and, above all, thinking like a cartoon.
  • story with a plot that will absorb you from start to finish, filled with surprising and unexpected side stories.
  • Plot twist of “The Damsel in distress” to “Dude in Distress”.
  • Even if the action occurs in a hotel, as it’s a cartoon building each one of the floors is a complete different world full of surprises.
  • Frame by frame animation of characters, objects, intro and the different cut scenes in the vein of classic animation style.





Ready, set… action!! Fleish begins his new short film walking around Toonville when he meets his lovely girlfriend Cherry. The romantic moment is interrupted when the villain Mr. Mallow enters the scene and, on the contrary to what we were accustomed, captures Fleish and takes him to the top of a hotel under construction. This time, it is Cherry’s turn to muster her courage and overcome the craziness awaiting her on the multiple floors of the building and rescue her beloved Fleish. Are you ready to accompany Cherry on her adventure?


A variety of animated characters with different stories that you will discover throughout the game are waiting in the Hotel Hyperion. Let’s meet our main couple:

Cherry. Sweet, fun and positive, this is the way we could define Cherry, the protagonist of the game and the one the player will control. Our regular damsel in distress in all her past adventures with Fleish, will now have to rescue her love from the clutches of the evil Mr. Mallow, and discover what is her true role in Toonville’s universe.

Fleish. This attentive and generous fox, always looking for a fun solution to help others, is the main star of the short films directed in Toonville. He will be kidnapped by his enemy Mr. Mallow and his only hope rests upon his love, Cherry.


Someone once said that since the advent of sound, music was an additional companion for the cartoons. That’s why the soundtrack of Hankins Studio, a recording studio specializing in sound design and music production, is the best companion of the Fleish & Cherry adventures.


Marcos Vendrell – Game Designer, Level Designer, Artist and Community Manager
Paula Ruiz – Level Designer and Writer
David Martínez – Animator, Level Designer, Artist and Writer
Raquel Barros – Lead Artist
Ivan Lopez – Programmer
Guillermo Monfort – Programmer
Alejandra Huerga – Animator